Waterloo Rd’s Melissa: ‘There’s shocks all-round!’

Melissa’s back and she’s eating for two in the final episode of Waterloo Road, as actress Katy Carmichael explains…

Can you tell us about Melissa’s return?

“Her return is met with shock all round! It’s a big reveal and no one’s expecting this at all. When she comes back she’s pregnant so a lot of jaws drop to the floor.”

What does she hope to achieve by returning?

“Although Melissa can be this lovely, happy-go-lucky woman in one respect, she’s also very manipulative. I think she believes this is her final trump card and Eddie will definitely want her back. She turns up at Rachel’s office with a big smile on her face like the cat that’s got the cream.”

How does Eddie react?

“At first he doesn’t realise she’s pregnant because she’s holding her bag in front of her stomach so it’s a double whammy shock for him. You can almost visibly see his jaw fall to the floor! I think she’s left it till she’s visibly pregnant to come back and reveal her news in style.”

How do Rachel and Phillip handle her return?

“She’s met with a frosty reception. Emotions are running high initially but they simmer down when they all get their heads together and think about what’s best for the baby. After all, it’s Phillip’s brother or sister, Eddie’s child and Rachel’s nephew or niece. They all have a vested interest in the baby so things settle down and there’s a lot of forgiveness by the end.”

How does Melissa react when she discovers Rachel and Eddie are an item?

“She’s shocked to find out that Eddie and Rachel are together. It’s shocks all-round in this episode! She’s really mean to Rachel on her return because she’s hurt as well – she really did fall for Eddie.”

So, who gets the man?

“At first Melissa’s really sure she’s going to get him back. Little does she realise that Eddie and Rachel have fallen very much in love. There’s a big question mark hanging over the whole thing of who he ends up being with. Rachel realises they there’s something more important here – the baby, while Eddie’s very confused.”

What do you think of Melissa’s bigamy?

“I forgive Melissa, I think she had quite a rough ride. I can’t defend bigamy but I think adultery is much worse. In Melissa’s case a course of obstacles got in her way. She’s not an out-and-out malevolent bigamist who was trying to deceive and hurt people. She just didn’t get the paperwork sorted because she is happy-go-lucky and winging it. She got herself in a corner and it all spiralled out of control and unravelled. I really don’t think she’s all bad.”

How she treated her son was pretty bad…

“The one area she’s indefensible is in how she abandoned Phillip. He was a bit messed up after she left and I can’t defend her actions as a mother. Her relationship with him is damaged but he’s very forgiving.”

Why does she finally report herself as a bigamist?

“Phillip really wants her to, so she eventually goes to the police station. She realises the damage she’s caused and this is her chance to make amends.”

What do you enjoy about playing Melissa?

“I like playing a bit of psycho. When I signed up to the 10 episodes I was under the impression that she was very a happy-go-lucky girl next-door and a bit comic. I enjoyed playing the romantic comedy and then they wrote this bit at the end where she becomes increasingly desperate and psychotic. It’s really great, normally only get to play one or the other but to play both was fantastic!”

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