Waterloo Rd’s Tommy: ‘Kevin wants Steve-O’s life!’

Tommy Lawrence Knight explains what causes Kevin to plot Steve-O’s murder in Thursday’s Waterloo Road (BBC1)!

How does Kevin react when he discovers the horrific truth behind Dynasty’s reunion with her jailbird ex, Steve-O?
“Kevin knows that something isn’t quite right with Dynasty, so he corners her in a classroom and she finally tells him Steve-O attacked and raped her. At first Kevin doesn’t know how to deal with what he’s been told – he’s overwhelmed and shocked. But then he goes to the other extreme and goes off the rails. Kevin puts a complete vendetta on Steve-O. Basically he wants his life!”

This is very different side to the laidback schoolboy we know and love. Did you enjoy playing another side to his character?
“This has been my favourite episode to work on. I’m so proud of the scenes between Abby Mavers (who plays Dynasty) and myself. The tension is really powerful. It was also fun to play this murderous side to Kevin. He’s always been a happy-go-lucky type, but here we see a side of him that’s usually buried deep down.”

What is it about Dynasty that makes him so protective?
“She’s beautiful, funny and they’ve a special chemistry. Dynasty is someone Kevin can be himself with. He’s had a difficult life growing up, so Dynasty is someone he feels protective over.”

Would you like to see a happy ending for them?
“Absolutely. I hope it all works out for them, but Steve-O (played by Jody Latham) is jealous of their friendship and wants Dynasty for himself.”

How serious do things get between Steve-O and Kevin this week?
“Kevin’s in a really angry and upset mental state and I really got to explode in the showdown scene between them. It’s one of those stories that builds up and becomes quite extreme!”

How was it working with Shameless and EastEnders star Jody Latham? He’s pretty menacing on screen
“It was great to work with Jody. I was a bit intimidated when I first met him because he’s a massive legend, but once I got chatting to him everything was fine. He’s a really nice guy, easy to talk to, really funny, and I’ve a lot of respect for him.”

What’s the best thing about working on Waterloo Road?
“The community atmosphere off screen makes it such a fun show to be a part of. All of us who play students live close together and get on really well, which I think is reflected in our on-screen chemistry. The crew and directors are incredible people too. Everyone has so much time for everyone else.”


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