William Ash reveals deputy head, Chris Mead, is headed for career disaster in Waterloo Road (BBC1, Wednesday, June 29)!

Chris returns this week after his suspension for covering up Scout’s drug running. Is he on his best behaviour?
“He’s been given a last chance by Karen (Amanda Burton) to sort himself out. Chris is still a dedicated teacher and he doesn’t want to jeopardise that in any way. He usually has a good professional relationship with Karen and loves the school.”

How does he behave towards Scout, who has also returned after her suspension?
“Chris realises he’s got to take a professional line with Scout, so he tries to lower his involvement and sever the ties he’s made with her.”

What’s his working relationship with Karen like now?
“She’s really disappointed in him. Chris is her right-hand man and he’s not been toeing the party line. He’s been deceiving her and she’s understandably distrustful of him. So when he comes back he wants to wipe the slate clean and get things back to how they used to be.”

Does that happen?
“No! He finds out that Scout’s mum has gone on holiday and left Scout to fend for herself and look after her little brother, Liam. Scout ends up leaving Liam alone at home so she can come to school, but Liam goes missing.”

Why doesn’t Chris call Social Services when he discovers what’s going on?
“Scout’s afraid something really bad will happen to her because she’s basically bringing Liam up alone. Chris should really call the police and Social Services and walk away – but he just can’t! It could be his downfall in the end…”

Sounds like you’re getting some great storylines in this series!
“I’m really enjoying Robson Green and Amanda Burton’s story, too. I tend to watch the show to see where I’m going wrong, which is not always the most pleasant experience in the world – but there are worse things I can think of!”