Waterloo Road’s Jason: ‘I worry I’ll never work again!’

Waterloo Road star Jason Done talks to TV Times magazine about the drama in store for Tom Clarkson as he waves goodbye the school…

We can’t believe you’re leaving the show after all these years!
“People think I’m an absolute idiot for leaving Waterloo Road, but hopefully I’ll prove them wrong!”

You’ve played Tom Clarkson for eight years. Was leaving a tough decision to make?
“It wasn’t an easy decision, but you have to take risks and spice things up a bit. I love Tom and my last day on set was very emotional, but I want to do all the things that initially appealed to me about becoming an actor, like taking on new projects and stepping out of my comfort zone.”

What do you make of Tom?
“He’s an amazing guy – he’s a remarkable teacher and he’s so selfless. He’ll always go the extra mile to do the right thing by his pupils.”

What have been some of your favourite plots?
“I’ve had some fantastic storylines, especially the one involving young Sambuca’s death from cancer, which was beautifully crafted. The love triangle with Izzie and Lorna in the first series was exciting to play and the storyline with Josh’s mum will forever be with me.”

What do you think fans will make of your exit?
“It’s going to be a very memorable episode and the exit really is fitting for the character. I was really flattered because I had a meeting with the grown-ups and they said they wanted Tom to go with a bang rather than a sizzle.”

What do you think the future holds for Waterloo Road?
“This series is the king of reinvention and as long as it’s got that variety of interesting characters and strong storylines viewers will continue to watch it. So many people said it wouldn’t survive the move to Scotland, but by all accounts the audience is still interested.”

What projects have you got coming up next?
“I’m doing a film at the end of the year, which I’m very excited about. It’s very different to Tom and Waterloo Road. We’re discussing lots of projects and so far so good, but I still have that actor’s paranoia that I’ll never work again!”


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