Waterloo Road’s Melanie: ‘Maggie calls it off!’

Melanie Hill reveals why Maggie takes drastic action this week in Waterloo Road (BBC1, Thursday)…

Maggie and Grantly are usually like lovesick teenagers and Maggie has been planning their wedding for months. Why does she suddenly call the whole thing off?

“Maggie gets some strange correspondence that really upsets her. She checks her bank balance to see how much money she has – and soon afterwards calls the wedding off. It’s all a bit shocking, both for her and Grantly.”

How does Grantly react?

“When Maggie suddenly goes from planning a big James Bond-themed wedding to calling it off Grantly’s really upset. He thinks she’s gone off him, but she’s actually being blackmailed by a figure from her past!”

Their relationship is really endearing. What sort of reaction have you had from fans of the show?

“Brilliant! People are really lovely. I was really surprised at how happy people were that Maggie and Grantly got together. Philip Martin Brown, who plays Grantly, is such a joy to work with. He’s really funny and dry. So, on all fronts, it’s great!”

How do you feel about wearing Maggie’s dinner lady overalls every day?

“At first I was really excited about having a uniform, but now I’m getting sick of them! There’s a wedding dress in this episode, which I was dreading wearing, as I’m not a dress person – but I changed my mind, because it’s absolutely lovely.”

Can you tell us whether the wedding goes ahead this week?

“I can say that there’s a massive problem that makes it impossible for Grantly and Maggie to get married. It would be nice if she has his ring on her finger – but will she? You have to watch to see if they find a way around it!”

So this could be the end of Maggie and Grantly?

“It’s really touch and go for them. They’ve always had their ups and downs, and this a bit of a roller-coaster…”

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