We make Kate and Chris sit the Springwatch test

We quiz popular Springwatch stars Chris Packham and Kate Humble on their seasonal nature knowledge…

How many recorded wild bird species are there at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve where the series is filmed?

“If they haven’t got more than a hundred they are lax! They should be seeing around 225.”

Kate: “I’ve no idea! I guess about 230.”

Answer – 171

Where in the UK are you most likely to see an otter?

“In daylight it is the north west of Scotland or the Scottish Isles – you can see otters with a lot harder work in many areas, but Orkney, Shetland anywhere up there.”

Kate: “I have filmed them in Devon and you can also see them in urban areas like Birmingham. But one of the easiest places to see them in daylight is the west coast of Scotland. But we have also had glimpses of them at Pensthorpe – did Chris tell you that?”

Answer: Shetland

Chris, if Kate was an animal what animal would she be?

“A jackdaw. She has a forceful personality, is very determined, she pecks occasionally and is quite intelligent. But she doesn’t have beady eyes and she hasn’t stolen jewellery from me to date.”

Kate, if Chris was an animal what would he be?

“He would be nocturnal and really meticulous. There is something kind of badger-y about him. He would like to think he was a sparrow hawk, but I don’t think he’s got the turn of speed, so a badger.”

If Simon King was an animal what would he be?

“Simon would be something more secretive and furtive. He might be a polecat or a pine martin. He would be hard to find and be quick witted in the wild environment.”

Kate: “He would be something really tough and resilient that can cope with really bad weather – a harbour seal! He is a good diver and he hangs out with seabirds a lot.”

Can you work out what bird this is…

I love to sing when I fly…

Half of my population has been lost since the 70s…

Kate & Chris:
“Skylark!” [both jump in at this point with correct answer]

What year was the RSPB formed?

“I would guess in the late 1800s by a group of ladies.”

Kate: [laughing a lot] “I can’t remember. It is it’s 150th year in two years time I think… I give up!”

Answer: 1889

What is the largest land mammal in the UK?

“Red deer stag.”

Kate: “Red deer stag.”

Answer: Red Deer Stag

If you were marooned on a desert island which animal would you take with you and why?

“I would take Itchy and Scratchy my black poodles because they are the most entertaining, characterful, lunatic anarchists that I am lucky enough to share the planet with and I love them greatly.”

Kate: “My dogs! I’ve got two – Badger and Bella – they are both rescue dogs. Badger is black and white and scruffy of indeterminate breed and Bella is small and brown and thinks she‘s a rottweiler and utterly fearless.”

If you could visit one place in the whole world to enjoy the joys of spring where would you go and why?

“Well this sounds rubbish, but I would probably go to the woods around my house with Itchy and Scratchy. The first few days of May in lowland Southern England is one of the most magical places to be.”

Kate: “I would love to see coral spawn. April is the breeding season for coral reefs. Apparently Ningaloo reef off the coast of Perth in Australia is the best place to see coral spawning.”

*Springwatch returns to BBC2 on Monday, May 31 at 8pm

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