Webb’s pleasure in Peep Show misery

Robert Webb has revealed he hopes his Peep Show character continues to be unfortunate – because it’s more fun as an actor.
The hit comedy is returning for an eighth series, and Robert is keen for things to go terribly wrong for his alter ego Jes and flatmate Mark (David Mitchell).
“The more unpleasant things happen to him the more fun it is. It would be a disaster if either of them found any measure of contentment,” he said.
Robert, 40, also relishes the fact that Jez is no saint.
“There’s a great joy in playing a really unsavoury character and in the challenge of making the audience sort of like him even though he behaves quite badly a lot of the time,” he said.
“Mark and Jez always know they are doing the wrong thing and they do it anyway.”
Robert reckons the show – which first aired in 2003 – can continue for the foreseeable future.
“We’ve always said we’ll do it for as long as we’re welcome and as long as we all feel it’s still fresh. And the scripts show no sign of not being just as fantastic as ever,” he added.
:: Peep Show returns to Channel 4 on Sunday, November 25.