Corrie actress Bhavna Limbachia explains why Rana is reluctant after Zeedan calls the wedding off, then changes his mind again!

Bride-to-be Rana Habeeb is devastated when fiance Zeedan Nazir suddenly gets cold feet about their marriage, Corrie star Bhavna Limbachia tells Soaplife…

How does Rana find out Zeedan is having second thoughts about their wedding?
“Zeedan tells Rana he’s gone off the idea of marriage because of his grandparents’ marital breakdown and his sister’s betrayal – Rana is absolutely floored, she’s disappointed and emotionally broken. She tells Zeedan she never wants to see him again.”

But Zeedan still wants Rana, just not the marriage bit?
“Yes. Zeedan has always been a good honest person, incredibly loyal to his family, so because of Sharif’s affair and Alya’s betrayal he is genuinely just hurt. He doesn’t want to make the same mistakes his grandfather has.”

But it sounds like it’s over so far as Rana is concerned!
“She is very deflated and genuinely feels it’s finished. Zeedan is the first man she’s ever let see the real her so it’s doubly painful and she feels humiliated.”

How does Zeedan try and win her round?
“Leanne gets involved and persuades Rana to meet Zeedan. Initially Rana doesn’t want to hear Zeedan’s versions of things, but she gives him the benefit of the doubt and goes off with Leanne in the Bistro van to meet him.”

Where are they going?
“Leanne takes Rana to the wedding venue where Zeedan meets her outside dressed in his wedding gear. He apologises about everything that has happened and says he really does want to marry her.”

How does Rana react?
“She’s in doubt about going through with the wedding after Zeedan’s behaviour. He pleads with her and tries everything he can think of to persuade her, but is he genuine or is it too late now? While Rana had grown to love the idea of being married to Zeedan, she no longer knows if she can trust him.”

Do you think Rana and Zeedan have a relationship that is built to last?
“Initially she just saw Zeedan as a challenge, but now there is a genuine bond between the two and I hope they do last because they have started to enjoy being a part of each other’s life and Rana is his support system. They have made each other their own family.”