Caroline Flack has admitted that she is unable to contain her emotions while presenting The Xtra Factor.

The 32-year-old, who hosts the show with Olly Murs, is regularly spotted shedding a tear on set.

She told Company magazine: “I’m far too emotionally involved, I feel like a therapist.”

Caroline, who replaced last year’s Xtra Factor presenter Konnie Huq, told Company she wants to become a mum.

“I guess my dream is to have a family, hopefully while still working,” she said. “The fame game’s fun, but it’s not for ever.”

But she kept schtum on her love life, saying: “I just think relationships are the one area you should keep private, because there’s nothing worse than people talking about them. Relationships are bloody hard enough without people prodding them.”

The presenter said that despite her TV presenting job, she wasn’t confident about her looks.

“I think I’m insecure about what every girl is insecure about, looks and stuff like that, but it’s not a big deal. Also, I think I get insecure about my lack of knowledge or that I’m not worldly wise enough. And I hate my massive boobs.”

She said of her body: “I have loads of cellulite! And I wish I could take my boobs off sometimes, which is why I wear a sports bra to flatten them down. Models don’t have boobs, do they? But all the Flack girls have big boobs. Most people’s ears keep growing, for me, it’s my boobs!”