We’re the new Tomorrow’s World!

In BBC1’s new series Bang Goes The Theory, a team of boffins bring us all the latest news in scientific developments from around the world. Dallas Campbell – one of the show’s four presenters – gives us the lowdown…

What makes Bang Goes The Theory different to Tomorrow’s World?

“We’re a lot more hands on – taking things apart and putting them back together. We’re broader in the things we cover too. It’s not just technology, but people and campaigns. For instance, I’ll be talking to the people who are trying to launch their own space expeditions because they think NASA is too slow!”

Can you give us some examples of what we can expect to see?

“All kinds! In the first episode for example, I look at a new CCTV system that can literally identify who you are from the way you walk, while my colleague Yan shows how to fry an egg using only newspaper and a naked flame. It’s pretty varied.”

You must really love science then?

“I’m slightly obsessed. I wasn’t really into science at school, I have more of an arts background, but it’s been a passion of mine for some time. I grew up watching things like Johnny Ball and Tomorrow’s World so to get to do this is a dream come true.”

Would you say you’re all a bit nerdy?

“Well, isn’t it quite cool to be a geek now? I think I tread that fine line between geek chic and geek obsessive! The rest of the team are all much more qualified than me. I’m the one asking all the questions that everybody watching at home wants answered.”

What would you say to anyone who thinks science is a bit dull?

“They’re wrong! No, seriously, we want to show how relevant science is to everyday lives and how actually you probably are interested in it, you just don’t know. I think people will be very surprised.”

With all your knowledge, you must be pretty handy at a pub quiz then?

“Funny you should say that, we all did one last night and we came third! It was a fix! We’re ridiculously competitive though – we’ll be back next week and we want to win.”

Bang Goes The Theory is on BBC1, Monday 27 July at 7.30pm.

Interview by Andy Baker