We’re tightening our belts, say BBC chiefs

BBC bosses are claiming that they are “tightening their belts” following this week’s revelations over their expenses.

According to reports chiefs at the corporation have claimed over £350,000 worth of expenses in the past five years – including over £2,000 claimed by Director-General Mark Thompson when he was forced to cut short a family holiday in the wake of the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand row last year.

Other bosses are said to have made claims for flowers, DVDs, dinner parties and five-star hotels.

But on Friday a spokeswoman told The Sun, “The Director-General expects to see continuous reductions in expenses in future.”

“We regularly review expenses as part of an ongoing programme of belt-tightening.”

Meanwhile The Sun reports that there are growing calls for the BBC to release details of its deals with some of its biggest stars such as Jonathan Ross.

However a source told the paper that exact figures would not be revealed.

“We’ll disclose the total we spend on talent,” the insider said, “but not individual salaries as this would drive up the market when deals are renegotiated.”

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