Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate and model Nicola T stars in the WAGs special of Come Dine With We (C4, Weds, June 9)…

What made you want to go on Come Dine With Me: WAGS Special?
“I had watched the show a few times and liked it, but to be honest the main reason I wanted to do it was because the money won goes to charity. But then I did it – it was so hard. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do!”

What made it such a tough job!
“It was a lot of pressure and it wasn’t just about the food. I wanted to make sure the house was a certain standard. I knew all the other houses were going to be really spectacular and I thought mine would be like a shed compared to them! And the houses were beautiful – they were huge! I hadn’t been in houses like them before!”

Were you all very glamorous for the dinner parties?
“We were all dressed up – and I was probably the least dressy! I travelled up north to go to the other girls’ houses and was living out of a hotel. On the way up my daughter Poppy got ill and was sick all over me! And then I got ill!”

Would you say you were a good cook?
“I didn’t think I was a good cook until I did the show – but when I did it, it turned out I was actually quite good!”

What was on your menu?
“I cooked a vegetable salad, fillet of beef with caramelised onions, potatoes and a red wine jus and the pudding I just made up as I went along! Layers of chocolate, layers of cream, layers of biscuit – it was so nice! I put so much work into it, though! I practised three times!”

Did you put on any entertainment?
“I performed some magic tricks. I did my own! I had a magician with me, but learnt some too. It turned out good, my tricks were amazing! I hope they keep them all in the final show. I was impressed with myself!”

What was the highlight of taking part in the show?
“Getting to know the girls. The girls were just so lovely. And totally not what you’d expect higher profile Wags to be like. Some people see them as something and they’re lovely working, family mums who work really hard.”

What else have you been up to since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house?
“I’ve been busy with my online business – Delicious Couture – it’s hoodies and T-shirts and Katie Price has worn some of my stuff as well as lots of girls from the soaps. I’ve also done a single with Coolio and that’s coming out soon. It’s such a good song! I didn’t think it’d sound so good as I was on it, but when I heard it, it was really good. I was like, ‘Woah I’m on a proper CD!’ I’m doing some DJing as well now so I’ll have to put that song on.”