What happened to the cast of The Vicar of Dibley?

The Vicar of Dibley was hugely popular... and it's back soon for some festive episodes!

The Vicar of Dibley, which is returning for three mini Christmas specials, is one of television’s greatest comedies. So, what happened to the cast of The Vicar Dibley?

Set in the fictional small Oxfordshire village of Dibley, it followed vicar Geraldine Grainger (Dawn French) and her eccentric flock.

The sitcom, which ran for two series and numerous specials, is now being repeated on BBC1 from the start [the very first episode is on Monday 23rd November at 8.30pm].

Here’s what happened to the cast of The Vicar of Dibley…

Dawn French (Geraldine Grainger)

Dawn French as Geraldine Grainger in The Vicar of Dibley

Geraldine always keeps a smile on her face no matter what life throws at her (credit: BBC)

Dawn, 63, is now reprising her role as Geraldine for The Vicar of Dibley Christmas specials. She has also popped up as Geraldine in various charity shorts since the show ended in 2007. As well as continuing to work with her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders, Dawn has also starred in the TV series Delicious and The Trouble with Maggie Cole.

Emma Chambers (Alice Tinker)

Dawn French and Emma Chambers in The Vicar of Dibley

The festive specials will reference Alice Tinker (credit: BBC)

Emma was hugely popular as loveable Alice, who was utterly useless in a delightful way. Alice fell in love with Hugo Horton, who’s equally daft. Outside of Dibley, Emma was best known for playing eccentric Honey in the 1999 film Notting Hill. Emma died aged 53 on 21st February, 2018. We know that the Christmas specials will include a nod to Alice.

James Fleet (Hugo Horton)

Vicar of Dibley 2020 Christmas Special

James as Hugo in the upcoming Christmas episodes (credit: BBC)

James, 68, is going to return as Hugo for the Christmas specials. Hugo gradually learned how to stand up to his domineering dad David, who didn’t approve of his girlfriend and later wife Alice. James famously starred in Four Weddings in a Funeral as Tom, who isn’t a million miles away from Hugo! James has starred in numerous TV dramas, including recently playing the Reverend Stephen Bellasis in ITV’s Belgravia.

Roger Lloyd-Pack (Owen Newitt)

Owen in the Vicar of Dibley

Owen liked sheep more than people (credit: BBC)

Roger played not just one brilliant comedic character in Owen, he also of course was Trigger in Only Fools and Horses. Farmer Owen was very fond of Geraldine and also did a lot of swearing at the regular village hall meetings. Roger died aged 69 on 15th January 2014.

Gary Waldhorn (David Horton)

David Horton Vicar of Dibley

David Horton wasn’t a fan of the vicar at first (credit: BBC)

Gary, 77, starred in the series as Geraldine’s nemesis David. He was forever plotting the Vicar’s downfall but slowly began to fall for her. David also spent much of his time being horrible to his son Hugo and teasing Frank. Gary’s many credits include The Bill, Lovejoy and Brush Strokes.

John Bluthal (Frank Pickle)

John Bluthal as Frank in The Vicar of Dibley

John Bluthal as Frank (credit: BBC)

John was wonderful as Frank, who took the minutes at the meetings. Now, Frank wasn’t the type of man you’d want to be stuck talking to at a party. Indeed, he was dubbed “The Most Boring Man in Britain”. John enjoyed a long career, with credits including One Foot in The Grave, Minder and, even, Superman III. John died aged 89 on 15th November 2018.

Trevor Peacock (Jim Trott)

Trevor Peacock as Jim in The Vicar of Dibley

Jim had a unique take on life (credit: BBC)

“No, no, no, no, no… yes,” Jim really was a Vicar of Dibley favourite. Other than baffling everyone with his catchphrase, Jim was a keen if rather useless member of the Parish council. Jim could always be relied upon to come up with a silly idea! Actor Trevor Peackock, 89, has popped up in numerous other shows including EastEnders, Casualty and Last of the Summer Wine. He also played Jim again in the 2015 Comic Relief Vicar of Dibley special.

Liz Smith (Letitia Cropley)

Liz Smith as Mrs Letitia Cropley in The Vicar of Dibley

Letitia was better at knitting than cooking (credit: BBC)

Letitia would never win Bake Off! To put it bluntly, she was a dreadful cook. Among her eccentric offerings were ham and lemon curd sandwiches. Don’t fancy that? How about lard and fish paste pancakes?! Letitia was only in seven episodes as the character passed away. Liz Smith was a hugely popular actress, also famously playing Nana in the Royle Family. She died aged 95 on Christmas Eve 2016.

The Vicar of Dibley returns in December.

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