The ker-razy Irish singing siblings talk about their bonkers new documentary series, Jedward: Let Loose (Tuesday, ITV2)…

How is life on Planet Jedward?
“It’s completely crazy!”
John: “We are getting to do everything we always wanted to do. It is all happening so fast, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. We are having so much fun.”

Are you getting used to being famous?
“There were 4,500 people at one of our CD signings, it is unbelievable. Our fans are really dedicated.”
John: “They have Jedward hair, and some people whose arm we signed even got the signature tattooed the next day. How cool is that?”

How did you enjoy living on your own for the new series?
“Crazy things kept happening to us. From being in a crowd of screaming fans to flooding our apartment. We were like punk rockers, trashing the place!”
John: “It was really fun because we were there together. We had to buy toilet paper, bread, all the things you never think about. We felt really independent.”
Edward: “John had a shower in his swimming trunks, because he didn’t know if the cameras were going to walk in!”

Did it get lonely?
“We are always on the move, but no matter what we are doing, we are always together. We haven’t been properly home since Christmas, but at least I have Edward, and he is my best friend. It would be hard by myself.”
Edward: “Yeah, it felt like home because John was there. And they made us go speed dating. It was crazy, John and me ended up picking the same girl. That really freaked me out…”

So are you both fabulously wealthy now?
“We are sooooo rich! Hahaha. No comment.”
Edward: “I’m going to bribe Britney Spears to go on a date with me. I reckon it might cost a million pounds, but when she saw me she would do it for free!”

Simon Cowell says he wants more acts to show a bit of attitude this year – is that your ultimate victory?
“It is a lot more than a singing competition. It is cool to be different. You add much more to the show if you don’t just do the same thing and sing the same songs as everyone else. We will call Louis and give him our tips…”

So are pop stars too boring these days?
Edward: “Yeah!”
John: “I think a lot of them have good songs and videos, but when it comes to live shows and their personalities, they don’t live up to what pop stars should be. We are such fans of pop music that we know what fans want. We’ll never forget what it’s like to be a fan…”