TV Times picks of the day

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Thursday 12th April

Law and Order, 10pm, BBC4

In 1978 the country was rocked by a TV show depicting bent coppers, corrupt solicitors and a legal system run to suit itself. It caused an outcry, but once the dust settled, work started on the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984, which regulated police powers. Now, 40 years later, BBC4 is showing all four parts. Leading the first episode is Derek Martin as DI Fred Pyall, who viewers will recognise as EastEnders’ Charlie Slater. Rating: ****

Living with the Brainy Bunch, 8pm, BBC2

How much of what happens at school is linked to the home environment? Could a radical change in family life turn a tricky teen into a dream pupil? That’s the premise behind this one-off documentary, which takes two under-achieving 15-year-olds, who will be taking their GCSE exams in nine months, and places them in the homes of straight-A students. For six weeks, disillusioned Hollie will move in with head girl Holly, and Jack, who has had over 100 detentions, will live with multi-lingual Tharush, who recently moved to the UK from Italy. Will the strict family routines help focus the pair or frustrate all concerned? Rating: ****

Urban Myths, 9pm, Sky Arts

There’s a welcome return for the quirky series of one-off comedies that put a slightly fantastical spin on key events in the lives of famous faces. First up, a wonderful episode set in the Golden Age of Hollywood sees Gemma Arterton on sensational form as Marilyn Monroe, who’s having a tough time delivering a line on the set of her legendary movie Some Like It Hot. Director Billy Wilder (James Purefoy) finds that his patience is wearing thin as his fragile star messes up take after take, but what can he do to ensure that she finally delivers? The rest of the colourful series will air weekly but all episodes are available on demand after the first has gone out. Rating: ****