What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Wednesday 17th October

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Wednesday 17th October

Without Limits: Australia, 8pm, BBC1

Last year, the BBC followed six people with disabilities as they took an epic journey across Vietnam. It was an adventure that some thought would break them physically, but it never broke their spirit. Now, to herald the start of the Invictus Games, the sporting event for injured and ill ex-servicemen and women, which starts in Sydney next week, a group of wounded British and Aussie veterans embark on a 1,000km expedition across Western Australia in this two-part documentary. Among them is Shaun Stocker, who with his team-mates endures demanding treks and tough off-road driving in some of the most stunning and extreme locations on the planet. Life-affirming stuff. Rating: *****

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep, 9pm, Channel 5

One third of the UK population suffers from sleep problems, and in this two-parter Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford attempt to cure their own sleep issues and give the rest of us a few tips, too. Eamonn admits he usually survives on less than four hours a night, while Ruth confesses she snores. After trying out some of the most expensive beds in the world, they buddy-up with another pair of restless sleepers. Ruth and Jenny are on a mission to cure their snoring by testing the latest ‘cures’, especially as Jenny’s is as loud as a low-flying aircraft, while Eamonn and fellow insomniac Sam try a strict bedtime routine to see if that can successfully send them off to the Land of Nod. Rating: ***

Zapped, 10pm, Dave

As the inventive fantasy-comedy returns, rubbish wizard Howell – brilliantly played by Paul Kaye – has been ‘zapped’ into our world, where he quickly settles into life as an IT guy at the office where hapless Brian (James Buckley) used to work. Brian, meanwhile, has been imprisoned by a circus impresario – guest Steve Coogan – and is being paraded as ‘the man from another world’ in an ‘amazementarium’. Rating: ****

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