TV Times tops picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Monday 6th November

The Secrets in My Family, 9.00pm, W

She’s usually one of the most upbeat presenters on TV, but Alex Jones won’t be the only one having a few lip-wobbles in this deeply moving series, which sees people desperately try to discover the truth about the hidden skeletons in their family’s closets. There are welcome touches of Long Lost Family but while happy reunions are almost guaranteed with Davina and Nicky, the stakes seem higher here as there is more uncertainty. First up, M People drummer Andrew tries to find his biological dad by using a DNA database, while Kirsty is eager to locate her father to walk her down the aisle, and Fifi recounts the remarkable tale of her own hunt for her dad. Rating: ****

Nigella: At My Table, 8.30pm, BBC2

If you’re not hungry when you start watching this, you soon will be. Nigella whets the appetite for a weekend’s worth of dining in laid-back style, beginning with breakfast waffles. The batter looks a cinch, but, er, where’s that waffle-maker? (One for the Christmas list, perhaps?) Next up, dessert made ahead of time – a crowd-pleasing passion fruit and meringue ice-cream cake. Then, for her pièce de résistance, a Middle Eastern twist on nachos: a beef and aubergine sharing plate. Finally if, like Nigella, you’re an insomniac, get the ingredients for her latest midnight snack: a brie, fig and Parma ham sandwich. Rating: ****

Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents, 9.00pm, BBC2

Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents

Fittingly for this week, the final part of this intriguing documentary series deals with probably the most historically famous attack against the monarchy – the Gunpowder Plot. Catholic priest John Gerard meets Guy Fawkes and his band of mercenaries in a pub. They plan their audacious attack on the Houses of Parliament when everyone of importance, including King James I and his two sons, will be inside. But the King’s spymaster, Robert Cecil, is on to them and catches Guy Fawkes, matches in hand… A must-watch for anyone who’s been gripped by BBC1’ s Gunpowder. Rating: ****

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