Ellen Page has more recently been in the news because of her role in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. She did a fun interview with Wossy as part of the promotion for it. I just love her poker-faced wisecracking:


But I wanted to remind you of another movie of hers, namely Drew Barrymore’s roller derby chick flick Whip It, which I have blogged about previously, and which is currently out on DVD.

I was so inspired by all that rollerskating that I had to go out and get myself some retro skates, and I’ve been making Hyde Park unsafe ever since.

Adele in Hyde Park

I also found a local strip club that turns into a roller disco every Monday night (I’m sure Marcia Gay Harden would approve) and is frequented by a bunch of more or less eccentric people. One of them, let’s call him Leftie Lucas (he can only skate anti-clockwise) was trying to teach me how to skate backwards the other week and rolled both of us straight into a wall. Smooth.

I’ve decided dancing on wheels is not for me. I want more speed and the outdoor experience, so I’m switching to inlines.

Whip It is showing on Film Flex and Sky Box Office from 30 August