Was Pauline murdered, did Sonia do it and does Dot know? Natalie Cassidy tells of the drama to come!

Oh boy is Sonia ever in trouble! Whatever part she did or didn’t play in Pauline’s death, trying to cover up that she saw Pauline on that fateful day does not look good.
For a start Rebecca saw Sonia and Pauline’s bitter fight and is acting terrified of Sonia now. And Sonia’s attempts to persuade her not to say anything are sure to backfire.

What do you think of Sonia’s reaction to the situation?
It’s a horrible time for both Martin and Sonia. I know Sonia and Pauline didn’t get on, but Sonia’s devastated by Pauline’s death.

Hmm… because she might get blamed maybe?
And she hates seeing Martin so cut up.

Okay… so why then did she go to such lengths to hide that she ever went to see Pauline just before she died?
Obviously she’s hiding something and doesn’t want Martin to know she went round that night. But things are going well between the two of them and she doesn’t want to say anything to destroy that.

And why is that? Could it be because Martin is a means to an end… the only way she can keep Rebecca in her life? Although right now Rebecca in her life is actually her big problem. For try as Sonia might to stop her saying anything, Rebecca slips away from her at Pauline’s funeral and Sonia finds her having a heart-to-heart with Dot!
I can’t tell you what Rebecca says she saw, but it’s very important Sonia gets to Dot before Dot tells anyone else.

And it seems she does just that because when the police turn up after a phone call from Dot, it’s Martin not Sonia they want to talk to! So are Sonia’s secrets and lies safe?
It might look that way when Sonia arrives back after the funeral without Martin, but she’s in for a shock… There’s somebody waiting there and it’s someone Sonia doesn’t expect to see… And the twists and turns are going to continue. The next couple of weeks are going to be very big for Sonia and Martin. It’s been great to film, but I found Pauline’s funeral hard. I’ve worked with Wendy Richard for years and saying goodbye was sad.