Who was a hit at X Factor’s final auditions?

The last round of auditions for The X Factor was the usual mix of the good, the bad and the extremely odd on Saturday night…

But a highlight (or should that be lowlight?) was teenage Emma from Ramsbottom, Lancashire, complete with ringlets and dad’s hand-sewn dress. But her version of My Heart Will Go On quickly hit an iceberg – and earned four no’s. Her parents weren’t going to take that decision gracefully, however, and squared up to Simon Cowell, who quickly asserted himself.

“You need to take a good look at yourselves. You are the reason why this girl is disappointed. You have given her false hope,” he snapped at the pushy parents.

Another disappointed candidate was 44-year-old Raj, a onetime pharmacist who’s given up his career and relationship to achieve his dream. That fantasy was swiftly punctured when the panel gave their opinions.

“You have as much chance of becoming a popstar as I do flying to the moon tomorrow morning for breakfast,” said the cruel Mr Cowell. Ouch.

But it wasn’t all tragedy however. Little Luke, 14, sang Maggie May and was told to come back with a more suitable song the next day. But his You Raise Me Up earned three yes votes – and a no from Simon. The music mogul told Luke he was just too young for the competition. Cue the tears.

Two other teens handled the pressure better – 17-year-old Anelisa from Plymouth and 14-year-old Steph from Lancashire.

Anelisa sang The Dreamgirls track And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going and immediately got four thumbs-up. “We’d be lucky to have you on our show,” said Dannii.

Steph lit up the room with a unique version of Ben by Michael Jackson. The judges loved her, braces and all. Welcome to boot camp! Will your heart be able to stand it next week?

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