To celebrate the DVD release of Albatross, we had three copies to give away, courtesy of Entertainment One. All you needed to do is tell us who is your all-time favourite destructive and/or troubled movie character and why.

The winning answers are here below. Winners will be contacted via email.

Heather Haigh who suggested:
Mavis in Young Adult. Such a complex character. A mixture of a ‘coming of age’ situation and a ‘got stuck in the past’ psyche. The bad girl that you can feel sorry for.

Jenny Harper who said:
Mallory (Juliette Lewis) in Natural Born Killers – very troubled, history of abuse, destructive relationship, clear psychological issues. She’s pretty off the rails!

Max Webb who said:
Mrs Thatcher in the Iron Lady, she destroys, the Labour Party, the trade unions, the miners, the Argentinians. She’s like a blonde hairsprayed Hulk. Imagine if she were a real person.

• Please note that any prize unclaimed within one month of notification will be withdrawn and a new winner selected at random.