Who won our Holy Franchise, Batman! competition?

Thanks for all your entries on our MovieTalk blog and Facebook page to win a copy of Gary Collinson’s Holy Franchise, Batman! just by writing a funny caption to the picture below. Our two winners are Peter Gilby and Tom Payne. Congratulations! Here’s Peter and Tom’s winning entries, plus a few others we couldn’t help chuckling over.

‘Batman wondered if he should have gone to the loo before he put the suit on especially since it was curry night down the Wetherspoon.’

‘It took Batman a few moments to realise that the smell of burning rubber was actually his chafing thighs…’


‘Does my nose look big in this?’ (Emily Nelson)

‘Batman to photographer: “I was going for sly! Can you at least turn the flash off” ‘ (Alastair Jones)

‘It was 6pm, and Batman could hear Alfred calling him for supper: Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman!’ (Matthew Hearne)

‘Why does Robin always try to impress me with trying to fly? He should know by now he is not a real bird. Dont have time to be saving him from that roof. Oh well here we go again.’ (Helen Spaven)