Russian Film Posters (1900-1930) by Maria-Christina Boerner is a carefully researched tome tracing the history of the silent film poster in Russia. Truly evocative of the era, the 161 posters presented here feature the work of some of the most famous artists and illustrators of the day, including the pivotal constructivist artist Alexander Rodchenko, who was the subject of a Tate Modern retrospective last year.

Courtesy of Vivays Publishing we had five copies of this collectable volume for you to win. Thanks for all your great comments. Our lucky winners are Nisha Koya, Julia Caron, Federico Casal, Steen David Sonderby and Linda Young (whose poem really was inspired. So much so, we thought we’d share it with you). Congratulations!

From Rodchenko to Fritz Lang
I thought I knew them all
Even obscure East German films
before they broke down the wall
This book I’d truly treasure
to show my friends in awe
the posters are just wonderful
just hope we know the score

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