To win music festival comedy You Instead T-shirts and DVDs, we asked you to tell us what two people – on screen or in real life – you’d like to see handcuffed together for 24 hours and you lot really went to town with it.

David Cameron was particularly popular, along with Katie Price and Jedward. Even Jesus got cuffed. But here are the three winning suggestions that particularly tickled our imagination:

David G Pearce
“David Cameron and Paul Weller so that Paul can finally get it through Cameron’s head that the song Eton Rifles is actually a song denouncing the whole idea of the school rather than a CCF marching song!”

Simone Lee
“Michael Macintyre and David Hasselhoff from Night Rider what a pair”

Holly Green
” Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer – who would escape first?”

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• Please note that any prize unclaimed within one month of notification will be withdrawn and a new winner selected at random.