Who won The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Blu-ray

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win Blu-ray copies of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and thanks for all your comments about what you think about tattoos in general. Out of a hat we drew the following…

Edina Lengyel ‘I think they are a valid form of self-expression – but one would have had to think up the words/design/font/positioning themselves, individually. Anything else, as, say, chosen from the tattoo artist’s staple design book, might well turn out to look tacky and something one couldn’t relate to in a couple years.’

Mary Mullarkey ‘Love tattoos.  Never had one myself, it’s a needles thing, as long as it’s more of a meaning thing rather than a fad, I know someone with the picture of a camel on her toe!  Not very classy but funny at the time, she does not regret it, as it’s not on show much, but she will when she’s older, I want to be brave and have one myself you never know, I just might go on a whim and get one.’

Stuart Ropke ‘Tattoos can be beautiful, original, meaningful or downright stupid and ridiculous and sometimes ugly. There’s nothing wrong with having your skin inked but clearly too many people rush into it without thinking and are full of regret often sooner then later.’

Jessica Marchant ‘I love tattoos, I currently have 8 and each of them mean something major to me, I get them as an art form to map out my life so each day I can look at them and see the various things that have got me to today, I know that you still open yourself to criticism in getting them but as long as your getting them for yourself and no one else then it shouldn’t matter in the slightest!’

Congratulations! Now, check out Jason’s review of the film by clicking here.