Who won the John Carter competition?

Massive thanks to everyone who entered this competition.

The answer to our question: “Edgar Rice Burroughs is also the creator of which iconic jungle character that has been played by muscle-man Johnny Weissmuller?” was of course Tarzan.

Your Facebook suggestions for which time and place you would like to be transported to included some wild and wonderful ones, a few heartwrenchers and several people who wanted to know the lottery numbers (really? I wonder why!). Here are our favourites and the winners of the three John Carter Blu-ray discs up for grabs.

Keith Mcgrouther for his clearly carefully considered rock-god time-shift:
“Hmmmm I’d like to go back to the very first glastonbury festival!”

Barrie Phillips for having a higher purpose (just in case he couldn’t go back to see the lottery numbers) with:
“Last week for the lottery numbers would be great, failing that I’d like to go back to day 1 and see everything being created and meet the guy himself. I have a few unanswered questions for him.”

…and Tom Payne for a rather ingenious suggestion to foil one of history’s great mysteries:
“Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas at 12:30 on 22/11/1963. And I’d keep an eye on the grassy knoll. If there was someone there, they got away with one of the biggest murders of all time. Would be amazing to know the truth of what went down that day.”

They will be contacted via email

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