We asked you to give us your casting suggestions for an imaginary film with a plot every bit as twisty as The Lincoln Lawyer – a movie about the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

Thanks for all your entries, you came up with some brilliant stuff!

Here are the five winning suggestions, in no particular order:

Elle Wong: Rupert Murdoch: Gene Hackman, Wendi Deng: Michelle Yeoh, Rebekah Brooks: Mick Hucknell πŸ™‚ (no need to change the hair), James Murdoch: Bradley Cooper.

Ritchie Dee: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil. In a jungle world, three monkeys struggle with the truth. Nicole Kidman is Rebekah Brooks, Russell Crowe is Rupert Murdoch, Rick Moranis is James Murdoch.

Melanie Clarke: I’d have a purely Brit Affair…Rupert Murdoch – David Jason, Wendi Deng – Parminder Kaur Nagra )Neela from ER), Rebekah Brooks – Beverley Callard, James Murdoch – Stephen Merchant, Andy Coulson – David Mitchell πŸ™‚ xx

Andrew Poultney: Film title – Inconsiderate Bastards… Rebekah Brooks played by Charlie Dimmock, Rupert Murdoch played by Jack Nicholson, James Murdoch played by Greg Kinnear and the flan flinger played by Wayne Rooney…let’s hope he can hit the target.

Margaret Kippen: Rebekah Brooks – Sideshow Bob, Wendi Deng – Hilary Swank, Rupert Murdoch – Troy Verner, James Murdoch – Milky Bar Kid, David Cameron – The Invisible Man.

Sideshow Bob, eh? Come back later in the week to see our galleries of more likely and unlikely casting suggestions!

Winners, get in touch with us via movietalk@ipcmedia.com and give us your postal address so we can get your prizes out to you.