Who’s Chalky’s ideal woman? ‘Anyone with a pulse!’

Mark Benton reveals how unlucky teacher Chalky’s crush on a colleague leads to heartache – and hospital in the next episode of Waterloo Road (BBC1, Weds)!

Chalky seems different this series, doesn’t he?

“He gets more a backbone. He is stronger this series. He is less two-dimensional. He certainly has toughened up.”

He also fancies Janeece – what is it about her he likes?

“They’ve always been close, but he ends up misreading some of the things she says and fancies her… not in a dark pervy way. He tries to impress her.”

He ends up at Jez’s fit club this week. Can you reveal what happens?

“Janeece is Chalky’s motivation for taking part in Jez’s fit club. He knows she fancies Jez and he gets jealous, so he decides to join the club to impress her! He fails dismally because Jez is obviously very, very fit and Chalky isn’t and ends up being rushed to hospital! He has angina.”

“He wants to be with Janeece, but she doesn’t want to know. They’ve always been close and because he really likes her he’s misread some of the things she says to him. It’s a really nice scene when he tells her he’d like to take her out, and although she refuses, they still remain close friends.”

Who’s be his ideal woman?

“A woman with a pulse, really. I think poor Chalky gets crushes on girls who show an interest. I don’t think he’s had a girlfriend in his life. Will he get a girlfriend? Who knows?”

Are you missing Robson Green?

“Yes, but he’s off doing his fishing thing. He sends me pictures of amazing fish he’s caught in some sunny location.”

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