Why The Village star Maxine Peake thinks we should be kinder to British TV

The Village star Maxine Peake has said she thinks we are too quick to turn to other countries for good TV and should praise our own talent more.

Maxine, who was nominated for a best actress award at the BAFTAs, said she thought more needed to be done to recognise homegrown hits.

“It’s become cool again to work on TV,” Maxine said. “At one point, especially if you spoke to young actors, it’d be, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do telly. Everyone wanted to be film stars. Now, because of the big American influence and obviously the Nordic influence, it’s become cool again.

“But I still think we look to other countries and we give ourselves a kicking. And sometimes I get really annoyed when you look on the front of certain TV listings magazines and it’s a show from America or a show from Sweden on the cover and I think, ‘I wish we’d be a bit kinder to our home grown talent’.”

– Press Association

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