Wild At Heart gets a sassy new vet

A feisty new vet arrives on the scene when the fourth series of Wild At Heart begins on Sunday night.

Monarch Of The Glen star Dawn Steele joins the cast on the ITV1 series as Alice Collins, who has been working as a locum in South Africa, with her young daughter Charlotte (played by Megan Martell) in tow.

Danny Trevanion needs a new vet to work alongside him in the Leopard’s Den hospital, but he gradually realises that in Alice, he has taken on more than he bargained for.

He has his own issues to deal with, as he copes with life as a widower following the death of his wife Sarah (Amanda Holden) in the last series.

To make matters worse, the custody courts are threatening to send his stepson Evan (played by Luke Ward-Wilkinson) back to his father in Britain, and his daughter Rosie, played by Lucy-Jo Hudson, faces tough decisions over her future as a vet and her partnership with fiance Max (Martinus Van Der Berg).

*Wild At Heart starts on ITV1 at 8.30pm on Sunday, January 11*

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