Wild At Heart’s ‘not very sexy’, admits Dawn

Wild at Heart star Dawn Steele has revealed that starring in the ITV1 show is far from glamorous.

The actress – who has just returned as Alice Collins in the sixth series of the Africa-set show – told the Mirror that it left little room for dressing up.

“It’s not a very sexy job,” she said. “I never get to dress up. My character is always in boots and khaki trousers and I can never grow my nails – they just get so mucky and dirty on the farm.

“Actually, it’s quite nice not to have to be like that,” Dawn added. “I don’t think Alice is particularly sexy.”

However, she did admit that she felt cheated out of the chance to wear a wedding dress when her character got engaged at the end of the last series.

“They’d had too many weddings,” Dawn said, “so they didn’t do one for us, which is a shame.

“But Alice would never have gone in for the white dress anyway. She’d probably have got married in the bush in a vest top and boots!”

Dawn – who lives in West London with her actor boyfriend Paul Blair – also admitted in the interview that she is not nearly as “brave” as her character.

“It can be challenging for me to play because she’s usually so brave about everything and she takes her job very seriously,” she explained, “being a vet is her life.

“This year we worked with a baboon, which was quite scary because they’re quite unpredictable and dangerous.

“Sometimes I step outside myself when filming and think ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,'” she added, “but believe it or not you get used to it.”