Will Arnett: Arrested Development will return to Netflix

Star of Comedy Central sitcom The Millers, Will Arnett, has revealed that cult US sitcom Arrested Development is definitely returning to Netflix.

“I know there’s a lot of talk about the return of Arrested Development, but the truth is we’re just trying to figure out exactly how we’re going to do it. There is definitely a plan to do something and we’re actively talking about how it’s going to come together in its next form.”

He added: “We are going to continue telling the story of the Bluths. Everyone involved in the show – and by that I mean Mitch [Hurwitz, the creator] and the cast – wants to do more. Netflix is also excited about continuing on.

“Making season four has been a great experience and we’re so proud of it.  It was a difficult process and an ambitious project – and it only took us eight years!”

The comedy about the dysfunctional Bluth family was shown on the Fox network for three series (2003 – 2006) before being cancelled, due to low ratings despite it’s huge cult following.

Netflix revived the series in May 2013, exclusively on its new TV steaming site, for a fourth season, to a mixed reception.

“I know some reaction was lukewarm and there was a lot of criticism for not being the old show, but that was the point – it wasn’t supposed to be the old show it was supposed to be this new thing,” says Will.

“I think in time, when the people who actually watched every episode take time to digest it, they will realise it’s pretty amazing. No one’s done anything like it before!”


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