Will psycho Clare be drowned out?

Clare Cunningham has death in mind for her dramatic exit from Hollyoaks – only it’s not supposed to be her own! Actress Gemma Bissix tells us more…

We now know that it was Justin who pushed Clare off the balcony that night. How did Clare react?

“With shock. She had no idea that [he] had it in for her. For a moment she looked scared. But there’s real fury there too. She’s not going to let [him] get away with it. She wants revenge.”

How will she do that if she’s leaving?

“That everyone thinks she’s gone works to her advantage. A few days later, a loved-one of her would-be murderer suddenly goes missing and at first no one realises it’s Clare who’s the kidnapper. She wants the person who tried to kill her to suffer as much as she’s suffered.”

And then what? Will she release her victim and vanish?

“Not likely. She wants the person dead but a quick death is too easy. She wants it drawn out and agonising. She also wants someone else to kill them so she’s not implicated.”

But somehow Max and Warren are on to her. What happens?

“It’s very, very dramatic. There’s a manic car chase, followed by a car going off a 150ft cliff. It’s the most spectacular scenes Hollyoaks has ever filmed. The guys who worked with us also worked on Tomb Raider and Saving Private Ryan. I had to learn to dive before we filmed the scenes which was brilliant.”

Sounds like it’s Clare’s car that goes off the cliff.

“She ends up in the sea – in reality we filmed in a quarry near Chorley, Lancs – but you don’t know whether she lives or dies.”

And you’re not going to tell us?

“Not a chance!”

If she does survive, can she go on being bad?

“I guess she’ll have to have her comeuppance at some stage but some people do manage to get away with the most terrible things.”

What kind of reaction do you get from the public?

“At first people would call me a bitch and stuff but now they seem to love Clare – or rather love to hate her. Loads of people said: ‘We love what you’re doing to Max!’ After everything she’s done, Clare may well be the most poisonous character in soap but I’m not complaining. She’s great to play.”

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