Will Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli waltz off to Hollywood after landing a ‘top secret’ film role?

Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli is set for the big screen after landing a “top secret” film role.

The flamboyant Italian, who has been a judge on Strictly for over a decade, is used to working as a choreographer for films including Ella Enchanted and TV series such as Absolutely Fabulous.

Strictly Come Dancing: Bruno Tonioli

Bruno Tonioli has landed a “top secret” film role (Ray Burmiston/BBC)


But now he has made the leap to a role in a film.

“Next year I have a part in a film. It’s my first one. It’s very exciting, I’ve already filmed it but I can’t say any more about it. It’s top secret,” Bruno told The Mirror.

“I was an actor before I was a TV presenter and I really loved doing it. But because of my accent, my options were restricted when I got to the UK.”

Bruno Tonioli enjoys awarding a 10 on Strictly Come Dancing

Bruno gets very excited judging Strictly Come Dancing (Guy Levy/BBC)


The 60-year-old TV personality also revealed grander acting ambitions.

He explained: “My dream role is to be in Star Wars, I don’t care what I’d be, I’d be Chewbacca’s­ handbag, darling. If the right offer comes I will pursue it.”

Before Strictly, Bruno played bit parts in films such as What A Girl Wants, where he played “Fashion Emcee”, and The Bill, where he played “Rolf” in one episode.

He also appeared as a dancer in Elton John’s music video for “I’m Still Standing” in 1983, strutting his stuff in a black leotard and police hat.

But since becoming a judge on Strictly in 2004 and also joining the US version, Dancing With The Stars, he’s had little time to pursue a movie career.

He said: “I get very tired, I’m very busy. The jet lag between America and England is intense… I just focus on the shows.

“It is really tough, but I make sure I have my ginger, turmeric and beetroot­ smoothie every day. It keeps me going. I go to the gym as much as I can.”


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