Will Young eyes TV roles

Will Young is desperate to pursue his acting career after turns in a film and a play.

The former Pop Idol winner had roles in Dame Judi Dench’s movie Mrs Henderson Presents and the Noel Coward play Vortex and said he loves acting.

“The acting is something where I’m desperate for more jobs,” said Will. “I just absolutely love it and it’s finding the right parts.”

Will has said getting acting jobs when you’re a singer is particularly hard in the UK.

He said: “To make the transition from doing one genre of performing into two is harder, and harder in this country.

“But I relish the challenge and I just have to stick at it and show people that I’m serious and get the auditions. When I get the auditions I love it.”

Will is keen to turn his hand to the small screen.

He said: “I’d really love to do a TV thing. I loved the play but I’d love to do TV, maybe even something with comedy because I love to do the humorous things in my videos and even in the Coward play there was comedy in there, with the timing. I think it would be really interesting and a new thing for me.”

He added: “The good thing about acting is it’s quite neutralising, suddenly you are playing someone else and it’s interesting what it does to your public persona.”

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