Will Young: I’d be a judge if the money was right

The popular actor/singer Will Young tells TV Times magazine why getting his own ITV1 special (Saturday, Aug 26) means so much.

It’s 10 years since you won Pop Idol, Will, and ITV1’s A Night With Will Young, is a great way to celebrate…

“A TV special is one of the things you think of when you want to be a popstar, so it’s a dream come true. To be honest, it’s also an hour purely about me, why would I not like that? For someone who’s self-obsessed, it’s my idea of heaven!”

What do you remember of Pop Idol?

“Anyone who does those shows has a very special individual experience, particularly for us because it was so new; I don’t think you’ll ever get that innocence with that kind of show again because people know what they are doing now.

“At the time, we really didn’t know, so there was no game playing or people trying to do a fast one on one another. We just got on and really bonded.”

You helped Cheryl Cole pick her X Factor finalists at the Judges’ Houses stage in 2009. Would you consider becoming a judge yourself?

“I would if the money was right!”

You’ve also starred in Mrs Henderson Presents alongside Dame Judi Dench and had guest roles in Marple and Skins. Any other acting ambitions

“I’d love a role in a costume drama. I love Downtown Abbey, I think I’d be great in that, I could wear those outfits!

And, as well as undertaking on a huge tour, we hear you’re also in the process of moving house at the moment…

“I’m moving into my new house on the day the TV special goes out, so I’ll definitely be checking the day before that my TV is working!”