Singer Will Young reveals how he was spooked by his new drama series…

What’s your new six-part drama, Bedlam, about?
“It centres on three friends, Kate, Molly and, my character, Ryan, who all share a flat in Bedlam Heights, a converted asylum haunted by former patients. Kate’s adopted cousin Jed, played by Theo James, arrives having been sent messages to ‘save Kate’ and Jed and Ryan develop this rather odd friendship.”

What else can you tell us about Ryan?
“Ryan is a bit of a geek who mends computers. He’s nerdy, lacks confidence and isn’t that great at communicating with people, much like Jed, who sees visions of the dead and ghosts. Ryan’s brother has died and Ryan becomes Jed’s sidekick, helping him investigate the spooky goings-on in the house.”

Did you ever get spooked during filming?
“We filmed in graveyards, dimly-lit corridors and disused factories, which was quite scary and very realistic. One guy on set was wearing black contact lenses and was made up to look like his throat had been slashed and I just couldn’t look at him. I was just petrified!”

Do you believe in ghosts?
“Yes! My house in Cornwall is haunted by the ghost of the lady who once lived there. My twin brother, Rupert, has seen her and his dog won’t go into one of the rooms but I think she’s nice!”

Do you consider yourself more of an actor than a singer now?
“I’ve appeared in the film Mrs Henderson Presents plus Marple and Skins and now, doing a full series like Bedlam, I feel like a proper actor. But after this, I’ll be back in the studio to finish my next album. People tend to want to put you in one box but, for me, having two careers keeps me passionate about both.”

Since winning Pop Idol in 2002, have you tried to distance yourself from the reality show?
“I’ve had the most amazing nine years since winning, so I’d never want to distance myself from it. It’s where I’ve come from; it’s part of who I am. It gave me a huge step up – everyone needs a chance – so I’d never be ashamed of it.”

Bedlam starts on Monday, 7 February at 10pm on Sky Living.