William’s up to more mischief!

Daniel Roche talks to TV Times about reviving children’s classic Just William

How did you enjoy playing the character?

“William is one of the three characters I have always wanted to play. I can do crazy acting kind of well, so I would also love to be the Joker in Batman or the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. But I wanted to be William because I used to listen to the audio books all the time. If I wasn’t in this, I’d definitely watch it. It is perfect for everybody. The parents and grandparents can watch and remember what the world used to be like, and all us kids will find the adventures fun and say: ‘I wish we were living back then!'”

What about your female co-star, Violet Elizabeth Bott?

“She really screams. There is one bit where we pour a bucket of water on her – and she screamed so loudly that they could hear her for miles!”

Was it fun on set?

“I think we all got on a bit too well. We messed about a lot and got up to all sorts of mischief during filming. We got very muddy running around in the forest, and I think I have been stung by everything it is possible to be stung by – wasps, bees, nettles. I love it!”

Just William can be seen on Tuesday December 28 at 12.30pm on BBC1