Win a copy of Attack the Block on DVD

What happens when the only thing standing between you and an invasion of marauding aliens are a gang of feral streets kids who’d mug you as soon as look at you..? It’s hug-a-hoodie time, innit!

Joe Cornish’s hit sci-fi horror comedy mash-up slaps action, gore and lots of breathless laughs together with a nicely disguised spot of wry social commentary.

Nick Frost’s dozey drug dealer, Luke Treadawy’s posh stoner and Jodie Whittaker’s miffed mugging victim hold their own as the grown-ups but the young cast of unknowns steal the movie – their energetic performances as authentic as all that fabulously incomprehensible London slang.

To celebrate the DVD/Blu-Ray release on Monday 19th September, the nice peeps at Optimum Home Releasing have gifted us five copies of Attack the Block to win on DVD.

So if you’re up for a wild night in, literally, head on over to our Movietalk Facebook Page. Locate the discussion marked Competition: Win a copy of Attack the Block on DVD and tell us what your favourite alien invasion film is and why.

Were you suitably impressed when Will Smith kicked ET’s butt and Bill Pullman spouted all that star-spangled schmaltz with a straight face in Independence Day? Did you admire the fiendishly clever anti-war allegory embedded in  vintage sci-fi parable The Day the Earth Stood Still? Or did you just enjoy squirming as John Hurt endured the worst case of indigestion known to man in Alien?

The choice is yours… Until 12midnight on Thursday 29th September when we’ll be closing the competition and announcing the lucky winners who impressed us the most with their posts on our Facebook page.

Find out more about Attack the Block’s Hoodies and Aliens by checking out the Best View, here.

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