Win Johnny Depp comedy Dark Shadows on DVD!

Tim Burton’s campy horror comedy DARK SHADOWS is released on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 15 October.

Johnny Depp plays a dandyish vampire who emerges from two centuries of entombment to find himself in the strange new world of 1972 America.

The heir to an 18th-century New England fishing empire, Depp’s Barnabas Collins was turned into a bloodsucker after spurning the love of Eva Green’s voluptuous witch Angelique, who both cursed and buried him. Accidentally dug up in 1972, he discovers that his once-imposing home, Collinwood Manor, has fallen to rack and ruin, and so has his family, its wealth depleted by ruthless business rival Angie, the renamed and still living Angelique.

Barnabas immediately resolves to restore the Collins’ fortune and moves in with his dysfunctional descendants: matriarch Michelle Pfeiffer, seedy uncle Jonny Lee Miller, sulky teen Chloë Grace Moretz and haunted 10-year-old Gully McGrath; and their oddball retainers: tipsy shrink Helena Bonham Carter, cranky caretaker Jackie Earle Haley and enigmatic nanny Bella Heathcote, who seems to be the reincarnation of Barnabas’s long-lost love.


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