Charlie LaRue is a cheap rate producer with a dream and that dream is a film that will bring together all the most low-down, filthy, nasty, offensive jokes in one disgusting place. Welcome to National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie, a flick that doesn’t let up in its efforts to offend your sensibilities and make you lose your lunch laughing, from the people who brought you Christmas Vacation, Animal House and Class Reunion.

Out on DVD from 16 April, courtesy of Transition Digital Media, Dirty Movie is an hilarious filth rollercoaster that doesn’t let up with the smut for second and we have two exclusive t-shirts and copies of Dirty Movie on DVD for you to win.

Tell us your favourite ‘clean’ joke (so not anything too rude or offensive, please) and we will then select two winners after the competition closes (5pm Thursday 19 April). Click here if you don’t see the comments box.

National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie is now available to pre-order from Amazon (Click here to order)