Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward has confessed that she didn’t shower for days before filming a dramatic scene in the soap when her character gets trapped in a mineshaft.
New bride Katie Macey is left trapped down a mine shaft, filmed in a hole in the ground, after falling off her quad bike.
She told Digital Spy: “I’ve never felt so grotty in all my life. I had four layers of clothing on. They were sodden and all covered in wet mud.
“I also had to have gravel rubbed into my hair, wet mud on the top and then dried blood around my face. I was filming the scenes for three or four days, and they didn’t want me to wash my hair or clean my nails at the end of each day as they wanted to make it look realistic.”
Sammy added: “On the last day in the tunnel it was freezing cold. We did have heaters and they gave me hot water bottles, but it was so difficult to get in and out of the clothes that I just had to stay in the wet clothes the whole time. The water being pumped into the tunnel was freezing.”
Co-star Jason Merrells, who plays Katie’s husband Declan Macey, recently said of the scenes: “Our team had to be quite clever about it all. They dug a hole and made a mine on location, and then we had the interior of the mine in the studio – it looked absolutely amazing.”