Woman’s ‘itch’ boast over actor Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw’s alleged stalker boasted that she was an “itch he could not get rid of”, a court has heard.

Sandra Price, 66, of Hingham, Norfolk, allegedly sent a series of letters to the 63-year-old star of The Professionals and Judge John Deed after moving to the village where he lived.

King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court heard that Price delivered a 45-minute audio tape to Shaw’s 17th century cottage and also left a 120-page dossier on his doorstep.

The document, which detailed Shaw’s career, spoke of how Price had “started to laugh at how much she had got under Shaw’s skin” after she was issued with a restraining order in November 2005.

In the document, she described herself as an “itch he could not get rid of, no matter how hard he scratched”.

Price was arrested after petrol was poured through the letterbox of Shaw’s partner, Karen da Silva, in July last year.

Price admitted criminal damage in relation to the incident but denies harassment between 2003 and 2008.

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