Jennie Jacques chats to What’s on TV about the return of BBC1’s daytime drama WPC56 on Monday, February 10…

Are you excited to return for a second series?

“I’m so excited to be back! I am in love with the character and the era so it’s a nice surprise to get a second series. Gina Dawson’s not your typical 1950s woman. She’s ahead of her time and breaks the rules. Her journey’s interesting and complex.”

Gina goes undercover as hostess at The Sapphire Club in this series. What can we expect from the story?

“The story veers off into pretty dark places. She keeps finding herself in situations women of her time aren’t generally in. There are some shocks in store, which I can’t wait for the audience to see. But even though it’s gritty and dark there is comedy running through it too.”

Casualty’s Ben Turner joins as new DI Max Harper. Do new faces mean romance is on the cards?

“With new characters new relationships are formed. There is a bit of romance, but it’s top secret – you’ll have to wait and find out!”

Now Gina’s more established at the police station, is she finally being accepted by her colleagues?

“She’s still a woman working in a male environment, so sexism and discrimination haven’t disappeared. Although Gina’s more comfortable she still makes mistakes and struggles with her emotions. It’s action packed!”

Gina’s ambitious. If she was ever promoted would the title of the programme have to change?

“I’ve wondered that! She is ambitious and she does want to climb up. But already her being a WPC is a huge thing. In series one she was making tea. In series two somebody makes her tea. I wonder will she one day own the station and boss all the men around!”