X Factor Alan opens up about his family

The X Factor Alan Turner has detailed his traumatic family background, saying he hasn’t seen his biological dad since his teens.

His father, Alan Turner sr, caused a tabloid storm on Tuesday when he claimed singer Alan’s X Factor sob story about growing up in foster care was all made up.

But the 23-year-old singer told the Daily Mirror his dad walked out on his mum, Debbie, when he was 18 months old after finding her in bed with another women.

Three years later she handed her son over to the foster mum who raised her – because she could not cope with the abuse he had suffered at the hands of a friend.

Alan said: “When I was four my mum went out for the night and left me with a gay male friend who sexually abused me. Now I’m older I feel that could be one of the reasons she felt she was not capable of looking after me.

“I haven’t seen my dad since I was in my teens and that meeting lasted just a few minutes.

“But I have never called him dad and won’t call him dad to this day.”

Alan claimed his childhood was painful, although foster gran Irene Stanfield showered him with love.

He added: “Growing up it was always made clear to me that my foster gran was not my real gran by blood and she was not my real mum.

“Although I knew who my parents were I never knew the people they were. I just knew what they looked like.”

He said he did try to build a relationship with his dad two years ago, but his endeavours didn’t work out.