The X Factor auditions continued at Wembley Arena on Saturday night (September 20) with one stand-out audition from 23-year-old model Chloe Jasmin that completely won over Simon Cowell.

When she walked out on stage and the 5000+ audience heard her cut-glass accent they started whispering. Chloe sounds posher than any upstairs resident at Downton Abbey.

But not long after she started singing “Why Don’t You Do Right?” from the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” they audience was cheering and by the end they were on their feet.

“There’s something really, really mesmerising about you, you’re like old school Hollywood glamour,” Cheryl said.

“I don’t think you’ve quite yet connected with the right song and you were nervous,” Simon said. “But I think you’re interesting. We’ve never had anyone like you on the show before in terms of the way you look, the way you sound. I always judge an audition by whether I’m going to remember you an hour later and I’m definitely going to remember you.”

So, Boot Camp next for Chloe. And for Raign…

Cheryl loathed singer/songwriter Raign in the first round of auditions – and she loathed her at Wembley Arena. But Raign got three yeses after singing her own song, Rain Don’t Let Me Go.

“For whatever reason, people don’t like you before you sing,” Simon told Raign – or after, in Cheryl’s case.

Remember, Kerrianne Covell, the shoe shop assistant who was in danger of losing her job before Simon phoned her boss? Everyone loved her and she rocked Wembley with “I Know You Won’t” by Carrie Underwood.

“You were great the first time but I thought you were fantastic tonight,” Simon told Kerrianne.

“You should be selling music, not shoes,” added Cheryl.

And after Ben Haenow, 29, sang “Wild Horses”, by the Rolling Stones, the judges couldn’t work out why he is driving a van for a living.

“You’ve got an amazing rock voice. I can’t believe it hasn’t happened for you before but this is your moment,” Louis Walsh told him.

There are more X Factor auditions from Wembley Arena on ITV, Sunday, September 21, 8.00pm.

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