X Factor boss admits faking shots

ITV’s director of entertainment Paul Jackson revealed that the producers ‘occasionally’ went back and recreated scenes for their huge talent show The X Factor.

It was a brave admission amid the current climate of phone-in deceptions that have hit the TV industry, but Jackson said restaged shots were necessary to the programme.

“All of us here take this issue of trust incredibly seriously,” he said at the launch of series four of The X Factor. “I don’t think anyone comes on these shows to deceive the public.

“When our chairman (Michael Grade) says there will be zero tolerance of deception we all buy into that, absolutely. We’re an entertainment programme – we tell stories, we don’t tell lies.”

But Jackson also admitted they “work as hard as we can with the tricks of the profession available to get the best story we can for the public. And occasionally something will happen – the camera wasn’t on, it was a lunch-break, someoneone wasn’t in the right place at the right time – and we will occasionally go back and re-shoot something that is vital to the story

“I can categorically tell you we do it to get the story right – we’ve always done that. Obviously we’re in a more sensitive time.

“But I am saying to you that if we ever put [the shots] together in a sequence that will mislead the public then we will make it clear to the viewers that we’ve done that.”

The X Factor creator Simon Cowell added: “The one thing I can tell you about the show is this – what you see is what happens. We don’t censor. We don’t sanitise.”

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