Romantically estranged X Factor hopefuls Combined Effort have split up again – just hours after being reconciled by Simon Cowell.

Kirsty Weightman and Jack Stuckey, both 19, had broken off their engagement days before auditioning for the show as a singing duo – but agreed to get back together after Cowell persuaded them to do so.

However, despite an emotional reconciliation on stage in front of judges and audience, the Sunday Mirror reports that the reunion lasted just two hours.

“When we were on stage I knew Jack realised he’d made a mistake and wanted me back,” Kirsty said. “All the judges were telling him to ask me out again.

“He turned to me and covered his microphone and said, ‘I’m going to ask you out again and I think you should say yes’.”

“Everyone cheered and when we left Jack recorded a piece to camera saying, ‘Thank you Simon Cowell for getting us back together’.

“But when we went home together to have a chat about things we were back to our old ways and started arguing almost straight away.”

And the pair went their separate ways after Kirsty discovered that Jack had already started dating someone else since their split.

“The thing is I really do love Jack,” she added. “We were engaged and planning to get married in April 2013. So it seems a bit of an insult only a few months after we were planning the rest of our lives together he’s with another girl.”

Jack, meanwhile, told the Sunday Mirror that he had “just wanted to get off stage as fast as possible”.

“I love Kirsty as a friend but we’re not meant to be together,” he said. The minute we walked off stage we were at each other’s throats.”