Shock X Factor loser Ella Henderson says she has some hard feelings that she wasn’t able to sing her original music on the live shows.

Hot favourite Ella lost in a Deadlock to James Arthur on Sunday night and she told “I think I do have a bit of hard feelings in the fact that I didn’t do an original song on the show. However there are positives that are going to come out of that. Nobody’s heard my original stuff so it’s all going to be fresh ears when I do get that opportunity and hopefully people will be willing and ready to hear it.”

Ella stunned the X Factor judges and viewers with her original audition, when she sang a song inspired by her late grandfather.

“I think [the song] was one the show was trying to save almost and we kept putting it aside and aisde each week and then it kind of got to the point of ‘When are we actually going to use it?’ and then we kept on doing covers and mixing it up a bit…,” she said.

Watch Ella talk about X Factor and who she wants to win the final: