X Factor finalist Emily Nakanda has been exposed as a thug after shock video footage emerged of her beating up a teenage girl.

The happy-slapping video — sent via mobile phone to kids near Emily’s home — shows the 15-year-old launching a vicious attack on the girl in her school uniform.

In the video, featured on The Sun’s website, Emily is seen cracking her knuckles before charging at the girl, known only as Anna, and grabbing her by the hair.

She then gets the blonde girl in a headlock, swings her round several times by her hair, punches and batters her before shoving her to the ground.

Prior to the attack, Emily is heard saying that she’s going to rip out her hair, then moaning: “If it rips out I’m gonna get blood on my clothes.”

This footage emerged just days after The Sun told how Emily, calling herself gang member Lady Shiverz, threatened to cut out a boy’s eyes with a knife in another video clip.

The clip has since been withdrawn by Fremantle, producers of The X Factor.

This latest development is bound to affect Emily’s future on the X Factor, with chiefs investigating the incident last night.

A source said the video was sent to ‘loads of kids’ around Emily’s school and home in North Finchley, North London.

Emily, one of the contestants in Sharon Osbourne’s category, has admitted to show bosses that Anna was a pal she had a ‘disagreement’ with.

A spokeswoman said: “We in no way condone her behaviour. Our investigations are continuing but at this time we are taking no further action.”

CLICK here to watch video of Emily’s happy-slapping incident